Our Story
Began in Baja, Mexico

With wild terrain and unexpected encounters while racing, our trophy truck driver lost control and plummeted deep in the desert sand. Hours of unbearable heat and dry air took a toll on our team while we tried to free the truck. However, we started to lose hope, so a few of our team members set out on foot to find help nearby.

Our Hope
Was Quickly Restored

After several hours went by – just before the sunset – we saw the silhouette of a dozen people walking toward us; a group of locals from a nearby village that our team found. With just a few tugs, we were able to discharge the truck in no time. The locals invited us to experience

We Celebrated With

Along with partying with a great group of people, we were given tequila to try. After one sip, we knew it was high-quality. What made it even better was the story behind it; it was a century-old family recipe and that it was made from the finest blue agave in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico is used to create the premium-crafted flavor.

Billy Now
Hands The Keys To You

Get a taste of our story with our Blanco and Añejo Cristalino Tequila. Enjoy a softer note of the agave which boasts a citrus fruitiness that blends with a touch of spice – giving off a heat that will lick your taste buds. Try our tequila at an event, or contact us about distribution opportunities.