Experience a Tequila Made For Thrill-Seekers and Adrenaline Junkies

Our company was founded with one sole purpose: produce a tequila that would be enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone who welcomes excitement.

Baja Billy Blanco

Our Blanco Is The Perfect Mixing Tequila

With as little as a shot …or two, our Blanco tequila is ideal for mixing. Some of the things that you can mix our tequila with is:

  • orange juice

  • pineapple juice

  • grapefruit soda

  • bloody mary

  • … and you know, everything.

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Baja Billy Blanco

Spin Your Wheels Beyond The Finish Line With Our Tequila

Feel more energetic and upbeat after just a few sips of our tequila. The quality of our agave plant that we use to make our alcohol is unrivaled.

Sip on Our Añejo Cristalino

With a hint of vanilla some say caramel and citrus, our Cristalino Añejo is an excellent choice to sip on.

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Baja Billy Añejo Cristalino

The Story of How We Became Is What Makes Our Company Have Meaning

We were founded after a long day of racing. Our story is unlike any other in the market, which makes our tequila have more value.

Our Story Began With Baja Racing

Billy’s team took to the rugged Baja terrain to pound the desert dust. As our driver rounded a blind corner, his trophy truck went wheels deep buried in the silt. Hours passed as the crew worked to free Billy to no avail. Hot, exhausted and feeling discouraged, a few members set out on foot to find help.

At dusk, just as the sun gripped the horizon, they returned with a line of locals behind them.

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Though our company is based out of Denver, Colorado, we can be found at various events across America.

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